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Monday 09 June 2014

This weekend Sophie decided to pop along to some typography-based events in conjunction with the Stoke Newington Literary Festival in East London. These included the Ghost Signs tour and a talk by Type Tasting.

The Ghost Signs tour did not disappoint. Our guide’s knowledge of the signs and their history was in-depth and well spoken about, the two hours seemed to pass by very quickly with us visiting about fifteen sites in total. The signs varied from barely visible ones to others taking up the entire sides of buildings, most seemed to be illegible but we were encouraged to decipher what they said. What we found most interesting were the photographs brought along showing some of the pieces back when the were created, so we could compare them to now. Seeing as some of these were over 100 years old it is impressive how well they have kept.

After the tour, we went a short stop down the road to a talk run by Type Tasting – set up by Sarah Hyndman – who carry out a series of workshops and talks inspired by making typography accessible. Type Tasting is most well-known for their edible letter forms, creating various typefaces out of food – answering the question of ‘what would this typeface taste like?’. She has created Comic sans out of sweets and popping candy, Helvetica out of water biscuits and Impact out of chilli chocolate!

The talk was about the basic history of typography, but showcasing it through the medium of ten album covers. Sarah spoke about the influence of typographic styles from various decades and how they had an influence on certain album covers, for example the AC/DC logo referencing black letter and taking a shock tactic of mimicking the typeface used by the Nazis, with Franz Ferdinand’s album referencing Russian propaganda and breaking the grid.


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