A madness shared by two

Monday 12 January 2015

Premm recently created the marketing image for Mahogany Opera Group‘s new production Folie À Deux.

With music by Emily Hall, and words by Sjon, the opera is based on a story of Insanity, electricity and love. These themes collide in a voyage into the shared psychosis known as ‘folie à deux’, where a delusion is transmitted from one person to another. A woman is struggling to connect with her lover. He believes that the pylon outside their house has a special power.  His delusion passes on to her and, as sparks fly, their madness takes hold. Songs are woven together for two singers, an acoustic harp and a specially created electro-magnetic harp in this modern folk tale performed against a backdrop of responsive light and sound.


Premm were one of many backers who helped fund the recording of the music through a Kickstarter initiative. Using photography by Hugo Glendinning, the image and textured typography was created to reflect the wires of the pylon and the strings of the electro-harp.

Emily Hall on Kickstarter commented; ‘I had decided to work with a harp before I even knew what the piece was about, and then when we wanted to set it around an electricity pylon, I wanted to find a way into that world sonically. I started thinking about the combination of a harp and electricity and that led me to the idea of using multiple ‘ebows’ on the harp strings to create drones much like the sound of pylon’


As part of the Borealis Festival in Bergen, look out for further dates in 2015, visit; http://www.mahoganyoperagroup.co.uk/productions/folie-a-deux/



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