Pick Me Up 2015

Thursday 30 April 2015

Pick Me Up is the UK’s first annual contemporary graphic art fair, showcasing the best new talent and also carrying out a multitude of events and workshops ranging from traditional screen-printing and animation, to risograph printing and paper craft.


This year it felt particularly close to home for us, as both Hattie Newman, and the piece we worked on with her, featured in the event.


She had a lovely display downstairs featuring photographs of her work as well as 3D models and sketchbooks she had worked on to support them. We caught up with her briefly as she eagerly awaited her appearance on Pick Me Up TV that evening, where she was asked to decorate a cake as a spin-off of the ‘Great British Bake Off’. We are sure that if the cake had not fallen off the board when picked up, she would have won!


A workshop that particularly caught our eye was by Sope Studio and G.F. Smith. Here you could choose your own backing pattern and letterform which were then overprinted in metallic inks live in front of you for just £5! Shortly after discovering this, we ventured further and found a scratch art workshop by Blink Art going on where you could take a piece of black card and scratch off the surface to reveal a rainbow texture below.


Pick Me Up is always a great event for us to attend, not only do we discover new artists and illustrators and see ones we know, we also get the opportunity to try out new and exciting workshops and print processes. Thanks again for Natasha for being our unofficial photographer for the evening!

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