Unexpected Opera

Thursday 10 September 2015

We’re pleased to announce the recent completion of a rebranding project for Unexpected Opera, a group specialising in ‘cabaret opera’.

Unexpected Opera aim ‘to make opera that is engaging and fun as well as dramatic and moving’. Their shows are described as ‘mash-ups’ presenting opera’s incredible range while exploring a variety of characters and ideas. They seek to provide a stepping stone into opera for those who wouldn’t otherwise attend performances by removing ‘the high art shroud that can make opera seem impenetrable’ and using cabaret and comedy to make it lighter.

The group came to us needing a new and improved identity. After presenting a number of possible approaches, we agreed on a logo that used emoji-like letterforms. These act as shorthand for laughter, singing and surprise, immediately suggesting a witty, fun and playful offering – and not what you might expect from opera.


The faces also provide a modern take on the ancient Greek masks so often associated with theatre. They can be joined by others in different combinations to create sets of characters or an ‘audience’, featuring more or less prominently on publicity material as appropriate for each event.


We’re looking forward to rolling out the new branding, developing a suite of graphics and working with Unexpected Opera on publicity for upcoming events.


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