Embrace Kenya – enabling young people to flourish

Wednesday 30 September 2015

Wendy, our finance director, has just returned from her second trip to Kenya. She was so impacted by what she saw this time that she decided along with a couple of friends to set up a new charity – Embrace Kenya. The charity will support and assist the work of the RUSH Academy, a thriving school based in Kakamega, Kenya. Many orphans and vulnerable children are benefitting from receiving a well-balanced education, allowing them to break free from the cycle of poverty.


As part of our corporate responsibility programme, we’ve committed to supporting Embrace Kenya by designing their new identity, a suite of child sponsorship materials and a launch website for the charity. Despite being midway through this work, we’re ready to share the first stage of the new branding.

During our initial research and discussions, we kept returning to images of hands because they best represented the support-based relationships and interaction between sponsors and young people at the heart of the Embrace Kenya’s work. The hand is a powerful and universal symbol which, in this context, clearly communicates ‘human help’.


Three hands increasing in size were chosen for the logo to convey a long-term commitment to the growth and development of sponsored children. We integrated these with the word ‘embrace’ to suggest ‘release’ from limitations imposed by poverty.


In the coming months, we look forward to rolling out the new branding and showing more of it here.



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