A mindfulness opera

Friday 06 November 2015

Premm had the great pleasure of recently working on the latest production by Mahogany Opera Group, Lost in Thought, the world’s first ‘mindfulness opera’. Based on the classic structure of an extended meditation, it explores the points of contact between sound and silence in music and meditation. 


The production has been specially designed for an intimate audience, with the boundaries between performer and audience blurring as you go on an inner journey of mindfulness, with periods of meditation, rest, communal eating, and a gentle yoga session. These were key elements that needed to come across through the design, in addition to communicating the calming and fluid nature of the production.


Overlaid imagery of faces with closed eyes combined with a watercolour texture, symbolise the concept of thought and being lost within it, through the different meditation techniques. This was then applied to various print and web media to promote the opera.

To find out more about Lost in Thought, and to book tickets, please click here.

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