Art of Song

Monday 25 April 2016

As part of Secret 7” this year Sophie, Jess and Kevin attended a talk on the ‘Art of Song’ at Sonos Studios. The talk was an exploration and scission of the role of artwork in the current music landscape presented by music artist Tom Vek.


George Hardie, Kate Gibb and William E Wright discussed their own work as well as considering questions around the role of the art director & designer in 2016 – what opportunities are there, or could there be, for sleeve art to take a greater role in the digital music experience as it did with vinyl?

‘Do you feel constrained or comforted by a square?’ was the opening question and a thought provoking one. Even with endless opportunities to now explore the shape that music artwork can be held in, we still seem to opt for the square. When iTunes launched they could have chosen a different shape to work with but maybe this shape is still something we associate with music itself?


It was interesting to see the contrast between the three speakers. George Hardie explained the process of creating artwork back in the 1970’s for iconic artists such as Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd. And at the other end of the spectrum, William E Wright went into detail about the campaign behind the artwork that was created for artist QT; and his thoughts on how we are now designing for an interactive internet platform for music artists.

After the talk we were free to roam Sonos Studios and look at some of the 700 sleeves created for this years exhibition. Each sleeve is by an unknown artist and being sold for £50; the proceeds of which this year are going to Amnesty International UK.


Going to talks and event such as this allows us to understand further the way in which our creative environment is adapting towards digital change and how we can apply this within our own work.

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