Show Sixteen

Tuesday 31 May 2016

For the past couple of years Sophie has travelled back to the University of Lincoln, where she graduated from in 2011, to do a bit of talent spotting at the Graphic Design Degree Show. Last year Sophie attended Show{Fifteen} and recruited me to intern here at Premm. It’s amazing how time flies, because that it’s that time of year again, but this time it was my turn – having since joined the Premm team as a designer – travelling back to Lincoln, now as alumni, with fellow designer and blogger friend Natasha Nuttall, designer Jo Mansfield and Jack Kingham a designer at The Times.


The University of Lincoln’s Graphic Design degree, headed by Philippa Wood and Barrie Tullett, has always been known for strong typography, so it was no surprise when the heavily typographic invitation arrived in late April, focusing on Barrie’s signature phrase ‘There is no time’ – of course this got my fellow alumni and I excited for the annual reunion! And not to mention… Show Sixteen.


The Show Sixteen website features portraits of the students that animate to show something about their personality, passion or treasured possession. This was translated across to a huge wall of photographs within the exhibition space, making it easy for any industry professionals to associate boards and portfolios with the students if they wanted to speak to them (or anyone you’d forgotten the name of, whoops!).


Of course Barrie – year leader and close friend of Sophie and myself – got up to do his usual tear-jerking speech about how much the students have grown and how they wouldn’t be here without them, with the ‘odd’ curse word and a ton of Barrie-ism’s thrown in for good measure. I don’t know if its just Barrie himself or the bottles of beer that make him so philosophical at this time of year!


(Pictured: Behind the scenes of Graphique Fantastique, keep an eye out for the Show Sixteen Vlog)


(Pictured: L–R: Show Chair Kate Cromwell’s board expressing the elemental construction of a Graphic Designer. A close up shot of typography featured on Faye Kingsford’s board. Jack and Jo having a gander at George Spolding’s portfolio)


(Pictured: The publication wall, flicking through TONIC a collaborative piece by Josh Davies, George SpoldingMarina Chalkia Papageorgiou and Amy Danahay)

There was tons of great work on show, so pop in! It’s open Saturday 28th May – Thursday 16th June, 10am – 4pm. Or check out the Show Sixteen website.

It was amazing for me to go back as an employed designer and offer my support to the new graduates. I remember how scared I was this time last year, not knowing what the future held or where it would take me. Attending degree shows is a great way to help support universities/students and source new talent, so hopefully you’ve got at least one degree show in the diary to check out this summer!

Author: Jessica Brayford

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