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Monday 19 December 2016

Premm are excited to announce the launch of the new Brooklands Museum website. Following a successful tendering process Premm have worked closely with the Brooklands marketing team to devise a fully responsive site that showcases the diversity of the Museum’s collection and further promotes the site as a great day out for families, schools, and enthusiasts alike.


Brooklands is famous for its rich history in motorsport and aviation. Opening to the public for the first time in June 1907, it was the World’s first purpose-built motor racing circuit and went on to amass a staggering legacy of world records and endeavours in motoring, aviation and engineering. It was the site where, in 1913, Percy Lambert became the first man ever to travel 100 miles in an hour and became a major centre for aircraft design, construction and flight testing through two World Wars and into the jet age and Concorde with companies such as BAC, Bleriot, British Aerospace, Hawker, Sopwith and Vickers being based at Brooklands. Over 18,600 aircraft of nearly 250 types have been first flown or manufactured at the site over most of the twentieth century.


Today, it is a thriving 32-acre site rich with events, family activities and learning programmes, all centred round the exhibits and history that lie within the buildings and landscape. The Museum is a dynamic, living place that is all-inclusive and allows people to engage with its past in a very hands-on way. Currently, exciting plans are transforming the Museum with an investment of over £8 million that focus on a  ‘Race Track Revival Project’ and an ’Aircraft Factory’ that will inspire further opportunities for science and engineering learning.

From exploring the collection online to highlighting the exciting family and enthusiast days, Premm and the Brooklands team have created a design that encourages people to find out more about the diverse programme at the Museum. Paul Stewart, Marketing and PR Manager of Brooklands commented; “The Museum has gone through many changes in the last decade and continues to move at a fast pace. We needed a website that not only portrayed our history in an engaging and attractive way but also to bring onto the screen just what a visit here can offer our many, varied audiences. Whether the visitor is looking to check what events or Learning programmes we have coming up or, to research deeper into our archive and collections or browse the shop, the site has given us all of this and more. Brooklands is a very visual, dynamic place and so now we have a bright, comprehensive, fully responsive on-line space that brings this to life with lots to explore and inspire. Premm were one of ten chosen companies in the tendering process but for us, the strong graphic design and branding elements coupled with the digital expertise and understanding of our needs was what made them stand out from the start. We’re looking forward to our ongoing relationship with them to grown the site even further as the needs of our business and our audiences change.”

Photographs courtesy of Brooklands Museum.

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