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Friday 06 January 2017

Following on from our long term relationship with Mahogany Opera Group (since 2014, when we redesigned their brand), we were recently invited to design an identity for their Various Stages initiative. 

As a core part of their work, the Mahogany Opera Group explores and promotes a contemporary blend of new music, performance and theatre. Various Stages forms a vital part of this focus, as part of their press release explains;

“Various Stages blurs the line between process and performance. It is not simply a space for artists to explore and create but also an unparalleled window onto the work, allowing us to build creative exchanges between composers, theatre-makers, performers, audiences, partner organisations and communities. Throughout the life of each project, we invite audience members and stakeholders to join artists, encouraging dialogue. We believe this helps demystify the artform and ensures new projects have context and relevance.

“Through the programme we have developed a way of making work that is more fluid, integrating commissioning, devising, designing and rehearsing. This opens opportunities for collaboration and gives artist new possibilities for creating.”

We created a mark that represents the concept of work in development, through incomplete letterforms, based on the Mahogany Opera Group corporate typeface. The mark overlays a lead image that reflects the exploratory and boundary-pushing nature of the programme. The lead image works alongside a diverse set of secondary images that promote the eclectic mix of works, all with a common visual effect to create a cohesive set. 

We are currently working on another campaign for Mahogany Opera Group, named Snappy Operas, exploring ten mini-operas aimed at young people.

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