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Tuesday 31 January 2017

Premm as a whole take design education seriously, having all come from various universities around the country and all having very different experiences in teaching methods and design focuses, it is important to encourage the next generation of designers and I suppose… have some fun doing it.

One of our designers Jess did exactly that. Having been in industry and with us for over a year now, she was invited back to the University of Lincoln with Natasha Nuttall to present a talk about their experiences. Read her account below!

“Last week I travelled back to the University of Lincoln along with freelance designer, blogger and fellow alumni Natasha Nuttall, to give a talk to the Graphic Design students on behalf of ‘Chitter Chatter’ a talks team that I myself ran back when I was in my final year, that aims to raise money for their upcoming degree show later in the year.”

“Having met back at the University of Lincoln in 2012 when I was in my first year and Natasha in her third, we started off with our first memories and how we used the ‘Lincoln Family’ connection to go from networking students, to friends, fellow alumni and then London graphic designers. It was through the ‘Lincoln family’ connection that I came to work with Premm, as one of our other designers Sophie, was also a graduate from Lincoln and spotted me at my degree show.”


“I was nervous about what I had to offer the students, having only graduated 18 months previously myself. We discussed our journeys in-between telling the brutally honest truth about life after graduation. The highs, lows and really lows. The rejection from studios/agencies for jobs/internships, self promotion, leaving the security of a job and not feeling like a failure for taking on part time work when it is needed to tide you over in between roles. But it wasn’t all doom and gloom, a lot of laughs were to be had, sharing memories of tutors both past and present that Natasha and I shared with the students and the hilarious things you do as a student for ‘the perfect concept’ (I lived my life by a magic 8 ball for a week and ended up spraining my ankle in the process for example!).”

“The students were left with 10 simples points, things Natasha and I wished we had known back when they were students. Excellent points like having a life and creative outlet outside of your heavy course load, the truth about grades, the big differences between university and industry and how to prepare yourself for it. The students were keen, with lots of questions afterwards, whether that was because of the sack of goodies they took with them or just inquisitive minds… I guess we’ll never know.”

“Hopefully we put the students minds at ease by showing them where we are now, Natasha on her way to being an awesome freelancer and myself working hard here at Premm. There is no ‘how to’ or a definitive ‘right way’ to make it after graduating, it’s different for everyone. You’ve just got to be determined and not lose hope if you hit a few bumps on the road.”


Thanks to the Chitter Chatter team for inviting Jess and  thank you to everyone that attended the talk or donated to the show fund. Natasha vlogged their entire journey which can be seen here, happy viewing!

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