Hungry To Help with Deutsche Bank and StreetSmart

Wednesday 15 November 2017

Premm was invited to work on a project for Deutsche Bank, aimed at increasing awareness of the bank’s 11-year partnership with StreetSmart among their own staff. 

StreetSmart was established in 1998 and since then has raised over £8.2 million for homeless and vulnerable people across the UK. At participating restaurants during the festive month,s a voluntary £1 is added to the diners’ bill. And at the end of each month, the restaurant passes on all of these £1s to StreetSmart. The campaign Premm created was to illustrate how Deutsche Bank’s involvement has helped the charity, and to explain that 100% of the funding goes towards helping the homeless. 

The intended outcome of the campaign is to promote the booking of StreetSmart affiliated restaurants for the festive period during November and December by Deutsche Bank staff. 

The main piece of our campaign was an installation of stacked boxes, positioned within the London and Birmingham Deutsche Bank offices. This contained statistics about the charity and the variety of restaurants associated with StreetSmart. Cardboard boxes were used to relate back to the topic of homelessness without having it obviously as the main focus of the piece.

Placemats were also created from the same material and left in the café areas of the offices complete with a word search to increase interactivity.

To find out more about StreetSmart and how they help the homeless please visit:

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