Women, Work and Power

Friday 07 September 2018

Matchstick makers and musicians; brewers, bankers, bishops and Barbadian nurses. Women: Work & Power is a programme packed full of events and activities that lament or celebrate the unsung women that have shaped our history and helped define our national identity. The City of London contacted Premm to create a visual identity for this series of events, to help tell the stories of women who have led the vanguard in the struggle for gender equality as well as those who have effected change simply through doing their jobs.

We wanted the word mark to be bold and hark back to Suffragette inspired propaganda. By using a mix of both modern day and old photography of women we ensured this also reflected a variety of women over the ages.

With over 70 events, Women: Work & Power unravels a sometimes-surprising history, amplifying voices never heard, and celebrating the extraordinary contribution of women to the world around us. Premm were tasked with not only creating the identity for this series but also other elements such as digital assets and the events programme.

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