Once more unto the breach, dear friends!

Friday 01 November 2019

This was Premm’s second year working on Our Theatre, a community based schools programme run by Shakespeare’s Globe and performed inside the iconic Sam Wannamaker Playhouse. The performance for 2019 is Henry V and is unique due to it being split into 5 Acts, with a different group/school taking one each to create a varied piece of storytelling.

The Harris Foundation for Lifelong Learning is supporting the production again and believes putting on performances such as Our Theatre develops lifelong skills for the young and old. The rehearsal process depends on collaboration, sharing ideas and encouraging one another, while performing in front of others enhances self-confidence.

Premm were asked to produce the program, bunting, banners and t-shirts for the performance. BA Photography students from London South Bank University have documented the rehearsals and their images were used within the program and displayed outside the Sam Wannamaker Playhouse.

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