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Founded in 1895, the BBC Proms is the world's largest classical music festival. Held every summer with over 70 concerts, the tradition of 'Promming' makes the season unique. With over 1,000 standing places available for each concert, at a cost of only £6 a ticket, makes the prestigious music festival accessible to all. Premm were commissioned by the BBC to create and develop the Proms brand, creating a unique mark, and the campaign look and feel. The brand had to work hard across many different media and applications, including advertising, exhibitions, event materials, concert programmes and digital work such as animated DEPs and web advertising. A key objective to the design brief was to make the approach appeal to a diverse target audience, including newcomers to the BBC Proms as well as regular audiences from concert goers and listeners accessing the music through live TV, streaming, radio and playback services.

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Over 300,000 people have attended BBC Proms concerts

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