Brooklands Museum: Website design

Brooklands Museum


Brooklands Museum is built on a site of historical significance for UK motoring and aviation, having opened back in 1907 as the world’s first purpose-built ‘banked’ motor-racing circuit. The team were looking to produce a new website that would showcase Brooklands rich history and inspire audiences to book their visit to find out more. Potential visitors would range from enthusiasts to families or schools. Working closely with the Brooklands marketing team, we devised a fully responsive site that used clear symbols and succinct copy to ensure a smooth user journey for each audience group. We utilised the distinctive brand colours of yellow, green, along with highlights of blue, to focus the users attention on the engaging archive and contemporary reportage visitor photography. The resulting website highlights the importance of Brooklands past whilst also inspiring users to visit today.

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“We needed a website that not only portrayed our history in an engaging and attractive way but also to bring onto the screen just what a visit here can offer our many, varied audiences.”

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Brooklands tells the stories of the pioneers of speed, flight and adventure at the birthplace of British motorsport, aviation and home of Concorde.

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