ICS Branding

International Citzens Service


International Citizen Service (ICS) brings together young people from the UK and developing countries to volunteer in some of the poorest communities in Africa and Asia. The Service was looking to rebrand to better appeal to their young adult volunteers, aged 18-25. The identity also needed to sit alongside partner brands. We began by gathering insights in a series of brand workshops. This led us to our big idea, ‘Inspiring Change in Society’. From here we wanted to reflect a volunteer’s personal journey through the programme to inspire change. We used a visual directional ‘marker’, signifying an arrow pointing forward and defined by the shape of the letters around it. The colour of the marker can be changed to match a partner brand and can be used as a stand-alone icon. The identity was successfully rolled out across a new website, T-shirts, posters, event stands and campaign materials.


After the brand was launched ICS commissioned us to create social media assets for their 10,000 volunteer campaign.

Project Image Project Image Project Image

The new identity could be used by partner organisation alongside their own brand by changing the marker colour.

Project Image