Become the Ultimate Explorer!

Tuesday 22 March 2022

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Portsmouth Historic Dockyard approached us to work on their Easter and Summer campaign for 2022. They wanted to evolve on the current campaign design that we set up for them in 2020 as part of their re-brand by making the montage style a lot simpler and focusing on key attractions but still keeping everything on brand.

A big part of the marketing for both Easter and Summer was to drive the sales of their ‘Ultimate Explorer’ ticket, where you can visit multiple times over the year. We decided to take this idea and use it alongside the strap line of “Become the Ultimate Explorer” with a variety of people looking through binoculars at key attractions that can be found at PHD.

The simplicity and boldness of the design allowed us to apply this to a variety of assets with ease, such as bus sides, telephone boxes, posters and social media posts. There is so much flexibility throughout the campaign in the design by being able to show case a variety of people and attractions on different assets.