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Wednesday 16 February 2022

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The World’s most prestigious Badminton tournament returns 16-20 March 2022. But more importantly this year, so do the fans. Badminton England approached us to create their promotional video helping to drive fans back into seeing the tournament live.

The brief was to create a buzz around experiencing world class Badminton again, with all the edge of your seat action and an electric atmosphere and the best players from around the world coming together to fight it out on court. 

The focus was to use existing footage of both top class players on court but also the reaction of the fans witnessing the excitement of live play.

From this footage we created a storyboard and narrative, we then overlaid spark and firework effects to enhance the excitement, along with strong typography breaking up the footage to create pace throughout and build momentum. 

You can find out more about the tournament and buy tickets at www.allenglandbadminton.com