From Stormzy to Hendrix

Thursday 13 July 2023

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Croydon Music Heritage Trail celebrates Croydon's rich music history, heritage, musical past, present and future with the unveiling of a new Music City Mural, a walking tour of publicly nominated and voted artists and venues, and a programme concluding with the Music Heritage Trail exhibition coming January 2024.

“Croydon’s rich musical heritage stretches across
time, geography and genre”

1920 x 650_CROYDON.jpg

We were tasked with producing a dynamic and engaging look and feel for the Trail, that would work well online and in print to help publicise the campaign and launch the trail. The end result features a combination of black and white artist portraiture with a fluorescent colour palette and lively abstract shapes that convey the energetic and vibrant nature of the Croydon music scene.

Various trails highlight the ranges, diversity, expression, history, art, and passion that has made Croydon a music hub. A collection showcasing artists from over a century spanning different genres including Classical, Indian Classical Music, Punk, Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Dubstep, Rock, Grime, Folk, Indie and more. From Stormzy’s hometown to the Brit School, all the way to The Broad Green Tavern, where Jimi Hendrix once climbed through a back window to perform.

The Trail is part of the programme for London Borough of Culture 2023, and forms part of the year long celebration of everything Croydon has to offer – created, directed and presented by the people of the borough. From major events with internationally renowned artists performing alongside home-grown talent, to dozens of cultural activities from Croydon’s diverse creative communities, the programme will showcase the very best of Croydon to London and the world.