Girls' Voices

Wednesday 29 November 2023

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St Paul’s Cathedral approached Premm to create a fundraising brochure for their new Girls’ Voices project.

Choral music is not one of life’s frills.
It’s something that goes to the very heart of our humanity,
our sense of community, and our souls.

It is the first time in 900 years that the Chapter of St Paul’s has taken a girl’s choir of equivalent number and profile to the boys. It is intended that the first girls will join the Choir in 2025, with a full fundraising campaign launching so that the School’s current boarding facilities can be increased, and the Cathedral’s generous scholarship programme can be delivered equally to both boys and girls.

During their time at the world famous Cathedral the choristers will enrich the lives of millions of people across the world, both in person and through regular broadcasts on television and radio. 

1920 x 650 - STP-1.jpg

The task included photoshoots art directed by Premm, partnering with photographers Will and Celle Chamberlin at both the Cathedral and the school. Capturing imagery of the grounds and architecture from one of London’s landmark buildings, as well as students in the school environment.

We took a strong influence from the curved architectural shapes and details of the Cathedral, creating a dynamic look and feel throughout the brochure. A specific gradient was applied to imagery and textures to illustrate this exciting new transition for the choir’s future.