We’ve swabbed the decks!

Tuesday 25 August 2020

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Premm were approached by Portsmouth Historic Dockyard recently to work on their brand refresh. They were looking for something that would take the existing visual identity and bring a simplified, refreshed and a contemporary approach to it. The identity also had to work as an umbrella brand, tying in with other attractions such as the Mary Rose Museum and the National Museum of the Royal Navy.

We decided to simplify down the current flags so they just stood for the brand initials PHD, this also allowed the mark to become more condensed and easier to use on a variety of applications, as well as being more legible at a smaller scale. 

Colour was an important factor, as we wanted to create a fresh feel and expand the palette to allow for more creative use due to the breadth of what was on offer on site. We tailored this alongside cutout imagery and textures to engage the audience and create an inviting atmosphere for all

The brand refresh fitted in nicely with the reopening of site after the COVID-19 lockdown of such attractions. We created a campaign that created a safe and exciting feel to them opening again with the use of a montage alongside some fun and approachable copywriting. This was rolled out across a variety of print and digital applications. As well as the launch campaign we also created a set of brand guidelines, on site signage and a style for further campaigns and events.

Project Image