Romeo & Juliet

Friday 17 November 2023

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Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank is Shakespeare’s Globe’s flagship partnership for secondary schools. Each year they stage a dynamic 90-minute production of a key curriculum text on the iconic stage of the Globe Theatre. It’s created especially for young people and designed to help students from KS3 upwards as they build towards their GCSEs. They also offer thousands of free-to-access tickets for pupils in London and Birmingham; and thousands of subsidised tickets for all other schools nationwide. Premm were asked to work with them to create the main campaign for this year's production of Romeo and Juliet.

“Throw your mistempered weapons to the ground."


Unlike the stereotypical thoughts about the production being about love, the director was keen to showcase the performance as a hate story rather than the 'greatest love story ever told'. It has references to youth gang culture and would be set in the modern day on a run-down city estate. 

Within the main campaign image, we used the title typography to split Romeo and Juliet apart, referencing them being torn apart within the production itself. Graffiti on the wall has the word hate being sprayed over love, another indicator of the production's direction. Although the performance has many dark qualities the client was keen to still view the characters as having a positive outlook and this was done by the use of a bright blue clear sky in front of them. 


To achieve the final campaign image we art-directed a photo shoot alongside photographer Will Chamberlain, as well as sourcing the models and clothing. The resulting photography allowed us to cut out the characters and move them individually on a digitally created backdrop. This was useful due to the sizes of the various assets and allowed the image to be more fluid to their dimensions.

The final campaign image can be seen used across various web spaces and social media. This is as well as the production posters and other digital formats. 
You can find out more about the production here: