Shapley Heath Garden Community

Tuesday 18 May 2021

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Premm were recently asked to create a brand identity for a new Garden Community within the Hart District. The work included developing a place story and additional branding for the Garden Community. It had to sit alongside the Hart District Council branding but also stand on its own.

Shapley Heath Gardening Community required a distinctive local identity as a new garden community, including at its heart an attractive and functioning centre and public realm.

We wanted to showcase within the mark itself the concept of growth, as the story behind the place was all about producing this new environment for a community to flourish. Using leaves to represent this within the 'S' symbol we could then take this element further and apply it as a mask or an image holder throughout the branding on a variety of materials. 

The colour palette took some original colours from the Hart District Council identity allowing us to to tie the two brands together, although we added a few more complimentary colours in to allow the brand flexibility and to represent the various areas of the Shapley Heath Gardening Community. 

As part of the branding we were also tasked in selecting a variety of photography and to create icons that would represent the brands individual sectors that could be use on print and online materials. These sectors included Homes and Heritage, Community and Wellbeing, Sustainable Transport, Green Spaces and Future Proofing. Again we utilised the leaf from the logo within the icons to tie them back into the brand.  

Other assets we designed included brand guidelines, social media posts, roller banners, print adverts, newsletter headers and infographics. 


“We all know that first impressions count, and Premm Design certainly impressed from the offset with their professional, detailed, and creative response to our branding and place stories brief for our Garden Community project.”