Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Launch campaign

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park


Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, post London 2012, looked to redefine the historic industrial and creative heartlands of Stratford and Hackney Wick as an exciting and sustainable place to live, work, study, play and visit. For the launch, the team were looking to produce a visitor map that was highly creative, but also user-friendly and easy to follow. We were asked to create both the map design and a launch magazine for this important moment. We developed a concept around 3D modelling and commissioned a local illustrator and set designer, Hattie Newman, to build a 3D map of the park using paper and card. Our launch magazine then showcased the exciting and diverse breadth of activities that the park offered. We art directed a number of photo shoots that celebrated both the people and places that would bring the park to life. Finally, a bold use of type across the two products highlighted the key information for the reader.

Project Image

We supported the team to develop the first brand guidelines for this new London destination and showcased the brand across the two core launch assets.

Project Image

To date there have been over 25 million visits to the parklands, venues and events.