The Rich Picture



Macmillan Cancer Support provide physical, financial and emotional support for the three million people in the UK living with cancer. Macmillan was looking to produce a series of in depth reports to summarise the experiences of people living with different types of cancer and build understanding. We created a suite of ‘The Rich Picture’ documents, outlining the needs and common experiences of different groups. Working closely with the team at Macmillan, we brought together powerful imagery, complex data and human stories, into clear and succinct documents. With such a strong existing identity, we ensured that the charity’s brand guidelines were rigorously and consistently applied in a sensitive way across the series. Another recent project was to work with the communications team to design an internal piece to explain and position the Macmillan volunteering vision.

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The Rich Pictures project required a collaborative approach, as we worked closely with the team at Macmillan and other partner creative agencies to deliver the final series of documents.

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Cancer can affect your life in so many ways, Macmillan Cancer Support do whatever it takes to give people the support they need.

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